Driving with a Cracked Windshield

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When it comes to auto glass replacement Chandler residents know they can trust integrity auto glass for all their auto glass repair needs. One common question we hear from potential customers is how long is it safe to drive with a cracked or chipped windshield? The short answer is, it is never safe to drive with a cracked or chipped windshield.

A small chip can end up costing you big. Even a small chip or crack can grow rapidly and cause a safety hazard for you and those on the road around you. If you go over a speed bump too quickly or are in a small fender bender, even the smallest crack can cause your windshield to shatter. In addition, any chip or crack that blocks your line of sight can not only be unsafe, but is also illegal. Meaning you will have to pay to have the chip repaired and could also be subject to a fine.

If you have a chip on your windshield that is smaller than a quarter, we can usually repair it the same day. Our process involves removing the air between your two pieces of windshield glass and using UV resin to repair the damage. This process takes about 30 minutes and, if you have glass coverage, is probably paid for by your insurance company.

If you have a larger chip or crack, we at Integrity Auto Glass have technicians that are experienced in working with your vehicle type. We offer quick appointments and will even send someone to you. Once again, if you have glass coverage, a windshield replacement is also usually covered and we can help you get your insurance to pay for your new windshield.

With fast service, honest prices, and knowledgably technicians, there is really no reason to continue driving with an unsafe chip or crack. Call us today to have your glass repaired!

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