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We love our cars, don’t we? The American Automobile Culture is one of the best things about our traditions, and for most folks, your car is the second most expensive thing you’ll ever own, so it just makes sense to keep it in top condition, which of course, includes making sure your windows and windshields are free from scratches or cracks.

The good news here is that in a lot of cases, if you’ve got full coverage, windshield replacements are covered, so there’s no reason to drive around with a cracked or busted window or windshield. Not when the good folks at Integrity Auto Glass can come to you and put a new one in.

If you need mobile auto glass repair in Chandler or its surrounding areas, Integrity is the company to call. With seventeen years in the business, they’re one of the top rated companies in the area, with fast, friendly, and affordable service. There’s no need to bring your car in, we can come to you!

Integrity is a family owned and operated business, so we know the area and the people who live here. We’re part of the community and are proud to play our part in keeping your car looking good and ensuring your ride is safe to operate. We only use OEM glass, which is important. Sure, you can find bargain installers to come do the work for you, but you can never be sure what you’re getting. That’s why it’s so important to use an installer who only uses OEM glass, which stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. That’s the only way to be sure that the auto glass you get as a replacement is a perfect fit for your make and model of vehicle. The problem with not using OEM glass is that in some cases, the seal between the glass and your vehicle’s frame may not be completely air and watertight. If it’s not, then the first time it rains, you may see seepage. Water could get into the interior of your vehicle and damage your upholstery. Worse, it could lead to mold problems, and if you’ve ever had to deal with mold colonies, either in your home or your vehicle, you already know how difficult and expensive they are to remove.

Setting an appointment is easy, and every one of our employees, from the first person you speak to on the phone, to the person who comes to take care of your replacement is both knowledgeable and friendly.

Of course, everybody hopes that they’ll never have to worry with chipped or broken glass, but odds are that sooner or later, something’s going to happen, and you’ll need our services. We’re always happy to help, and always give our customers a lifetime warranty on any and all work we perform. Integrity accepts all insurance, and can handle anything job, from simple chip repair to full windshield replacement. You can stop by our office (easy to find, since we’ve been at the same address for seventeen years), or we’ll come to your home or business to do the work.

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