What You Need To Know About ADAS Windshield Safety Calibration

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Car owners are highly familiar with the advantages of driving with the best safety features such as airbags and seat belts. These features help minimize the risk of injuries during accidents. To go one step further and enhance your driving experience, the automotive industry has now introduced new and more technically complex features that help prevent collisions. One of these features is the ADAS windshield safety calibration.

The Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are the latest trends in the auto glass industry. This system has the benefit of auto-braking and lane departure warnings while the windshield scans the road ahead using a camera. ADAS can be found anywhere in a car, but it is most advantageous in the windshield as it can offer many functions. In fact, calibrated glass can help the driver with parking, detect pedestrians, and adapt cruise control plus many more.

The most basic sensors only alert drivers upon entering blind spots. But ADAS, on the other hand, has functions that can auto correct the wheels inside lane markers and avoid collision. This innovation has many safety benefits as well as calibration concerns.

The smart windshield calibration takes special training and equipment so as a result, it may affect the cost of glass replacement. It must also be noted that improperly calibrated sensors will not work. As these features are not the standard vehicle specifications, the auto industry is trying to incorporate these types of sensors or mini cameras as part of the standard safety features by 2020.

Last year, ten car manufacturers agreed to install automatic braking systems for their luxury vehicles. However, ADAS is still not a mandatory requirement even though many auto makers are pushing for this technology. If your calibrated windshields need replacement, you will need to find a specialized auto glass repair shop to re-calibrate the entire glass.

Special scanners and detailed training will be needed to perform the re-calibration. This requires significant investment as the scanners must be available for a large range of vehicle makes and models. An auto repair shop would need to train its team about the policies of the manufacturers and reschedule the re-calibration based on the repair expedition. This can result in longer waiting times on the customer’s part.

In the event that the repair shop fails to follow the procedures of the manufacturer, there will be unexpected requirements that will arise at a later date. Thus, it is important to take your car to a specialist auto glass company for calibration and windshield replacement.

There is no denying the numerous benefits of ADAS in terms of its standard safety features in new cars. As this technology is somewhat new in the automotive industry, there are still some hurdles to overcome. However, lawmakers have realized that the advantages of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems far outweigh the disadvantages. It is, therefore, extremely important to only use the expertise of auto glass technicians who are completely familiar with your vehicle model and specifications. For utmost convenience, look for such companies on the Web.

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