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While cars have long had windscreens or windshields, the problems of breakage, scratching and chips have been just as prevalent. When it comes to windshield replacement services Chandler mobile windshield replacement reviews Paradise Valley vehicle owners can rely on the skills of professionals with years of experience in the business. Most drivers, however, will not experience the total sky view offered by Tesla’s Model X.

Tesla’s new design, while offering an unusually large front glass area, which was a selling point in its marketing campaign and created a lot of excitement among early customers, has turned out to be a problem which may cost Tesla a sizable chunk of change to address the issue. It seems that the size of the windscreen and its view of an open sky, while interrupted only by the black bar housing the electronics, also lets in much too much sunlight. This can be an unpleasant experience when driving into the sun during a commute.

The Tesla designed windshield extends more than eighteen inches further than where a normal windshield would reach. On a sunny day, there is little to block the serious sunlight level in the driver’s face. The design does include a shaded gradient for the top half of auto glass, which provides some assistance in limiting light and heat.

The windshield has been called part moon roof. It has a total of thirty-one square feet of glass. The experience of riding in the vehicle is more like a helicopter cockpit and an over-the-road vehicle.

As a solution to those Tesla owners demanding assistance, Tesla has decided to distribute free removable sunshades to owners of a Model X. This solution will reduce the amount of head and sunlight coming through the glass. By about two-thirds. The removable sunshade reaches from the rear-view mirror in front to the rear of the glass. While it is a solution, it does reduce much of the appeal of the original design.

Unfortunately, this issue with the vehicle glass is not the first problem which Tesla has faced with its Model X. It replaced senior production managers in hopes of blocking issues in advance of the roll out of Model 3 next year. The criticism from the press for Model X, including from Consumer Reports, is in opposition to CR’s positive response to Model S.

The cost of the replacement has been identified as more than $2300 according to one owner who experienced a crack in the glass. Since damage to glass is a common insurance claim, replacing the specialty glass, produced by a Peruvian firm, is extraordinarily expensive. A typical glass replacement is $300 to $400.

The use of top technicians to do the work, as well as the high-quality products is important, irrespective of what type of vehicle is owned. In the Chandler area, the training of the technicians and their experience is a positive benefit to drivers with damaged glass. While no driver wants to experience the distraction of marred glass to interview with vision, the skills of the technicians can solve the issues quickly and efficiently.

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